General Toxicology Services

Fully Compliant with US FDA, OECD, Chinese SFDA GLP Requirements WuXi AppTec's preclinical toxicology testing offers seamless integration with our drug discovery and development services, accelerated timelines for candidate selection, and a cost advantage that yields one of the best values in the industry. Experienced teams of scientists, researchers and technicians have enabled WuXi AppTec to create an environment to undertake preclinical research to the highest standards with knowledge that spans a wide range of compounds and therapeutic areas. Managing study conduct and daily operations are experienced personnel with over 230 combined years of experience in the preclinical industry in major pharmaceutical companies and international CROs. Study Types
  • Dose-range finding or MTD
  • Single Dose (acute toxicity)
  • Repeat Dose (acute , sub-acute,chronic sub-chronic, carcinogenecity)
  • Reproductive Toxicology
  • Carcinogenicity Studies
  • All species including both rodent and non-rodent
Formulation analysis and bio-analysis available to support all projects
  • Small Molecules
  • Biologics
  • Natural Products
  • Vaccine