Services & Solutions

Discovery Services
WuXi AppTec provides pharmaceutical discovery services across the entire spectrum of the drug discovery process. Our pharmaceutical discovery services can be fully integrated to provide a flexible and customized solution for client’s specific project needs.
Lab Testing Division (LTD)
Lab Testing Division (LTD) is comprised of seven business units. LTD's integrated services and solutions in the fields of Chemistry and Biology span from early screening to preclinical development and into clinical sample analysis. Leveraging other established WuXi businesses in MedChem, synthesis and formulation, LTD is well positioned to enable customers to accelerate their discovery processes and empower them to bring new, innovative medicines to patients.
Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing (STA)
STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (STA), a WuXi AppTec company, is a global leading small molecule pharmaceutical development and manufacturing capability and technology platform company serving the life science industry. As a premier Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), STA offers our worldwide partners efficient, flexible and high-quality solutions for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms from preclinical to commercial.
U.S. Advanced Therapies
Utilizing a wide variety of in vitro, in vivo, molecular and analytical methodologies, WuXi AppTec’s U.S. based advanced therapies services can provide a full breadth of services to help take your biologic from preclinical development all the way through to commercialization.
U.S. Medical Device Services
WuXi AppTec is uniquely positioned to support product development from concept to commercialization, with industry leading comprehensive testing programs that help ensure regulatory submission success.
Chemistry Services
WuXi AppTec offers a complete spectrum of chemistry services, all led by experts in their respective fields: from synthetic chemistry to chiral separations, from small molecule to peptide/peptidomimetics, from nucleoside to fluorinated building blocks, from milligram synthesis to kilogram GLP scale-up, and from reagent service to compound management.
Toxicology Services
WuXi AppTec’s toxicology services feature a full-range of in-vivo and in-vitro non-clinical safety evaluation programs. As the uniqueness of each product requires a case-by-case approach, we partner with clients to ensure that all study components meet specific program objectives.
Bioanalytical Services
WuXi AppTec offers comprehensive and FDA/OECD/SFDA GLP-compliant bioanalysis services to support preclinical and clinical development for small molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines and PD biomarkers.
Clinical and Regulatory Services
WuXi AppTec has strong experience in clinical trial management and regulatory affairs consultation; our experts are able to provide in-depth support to help clients bring new drugs and devices to the market smarter and faster.