Medicinal Chemistry

WuXi has an experienced team of medicinal chemists working with leading global pharma and biotech clients. With a strong medicinal chemistry leadership from some of the world’s best known opinion/thought leaders, WuXi can provide added value service for all stages of medicinal chemistry activities including hit generation and target validation, hit-to-lead optimization, lead optimization and preclinical candidate selection, for all known target families and therapeutic areas. In collaboration with our clients, WuXi has worked on over 80 medicinal chemistry programs and delivered over 10 preclinical candidates and 2 first in human compounds. The medicinal chemistry services at WuXi provides:
  • Chemistry do-ability assessment of new biological targets
  • HTS and literature based hit identification
  • Hit-to-lead optimization
  • Lead optimization and preclinical candidate selection
  • Computational medicinal chemistry
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