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WuXi AppTec's discovery biology services, which are part of our integrated pharmaceutical services, include reagent generation, assay development, screening, biomarker research, custom monoclonal antibody generation, and stable line development, as well as biosafety and adventitious virus testing.

Reagent Generation

  • Gene cloning
  • Expression vector construction
  • Transient transfection and stable cell line development
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Reagent monoclonal and polyclonal antibody generation

Assay Development

  • New assay and/or assay transferred from client.


Primary Screening Assays

  • Biochemical assays for receptors, enzymes, etc.
  • Radio-ligand binding assays for receptors and ion channels

Secondary, Functional and/or Mechanism of Action Assays

  • Biochemical and cell-based assays
  • Multi-target profiling assays

Selectivity Counter Screens

  • Identification and operation of critical counter screens
  • Off-target liability screens

Medium Throughput and High Content Screening

Assay Technologies

  • Radioactivity
  • Fluorescence
  • Luminescence
  • Electochemiluminescence
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Protein chemistry (i.e. ELISA)
  • Expertise in designing and screening of target family focus library
  • Automated liquid handling

Biomarker Research

  • Detection and measurement of DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers in study samples of various materials.

Biosafety and Adventitious Virus Testing

  • Mycoplasma, bioburden, sterility, endotoxin and adventitious virus testing of cell lines, cell culture processes and biotherapeutics.