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Comprehensive DMPK Services

The Laboratory Testing Division is one of the largest in vitro ADME and in vivo ADME/PK/PD service providers in the world. As a fully integrated platform, the Laboratory Testing Division has the institutional knowledge, resources and experience to carry your compound from NCE screening in early discovery through the NDA submission process.

Service & Quality

As part of our commitment to providing a true end-to-end technical platform for our clients, the DMPK Unit works closely with chemistry, biology and pharmacology for effective lead selection during discovery, and with toxicology and GLP bioanalysis for regulatory support during drug development. As an organization, we are fully aligned in our goal of providing high-quality service and data to enable our clients to move seamlessly from discovery through NDA filing.

in vitro ADME


in vivo PK / PD


in vivo ADME

Shanghai, China (DMPK Global Headquarters)
+ 40,000 Square Feet of Lab Space
+ Full panel ADME services
+ 300+ Study Arms per Week
Suzhou, China
+ 18,000 Square Feet of Lab Space within Toxicology
+ 40+ Study Arms per Week
Nanjing, China
+ 45,000 Square-Foot Facility
+ 20+ Years of IND/NDA Data Submissions with Zero Rejections
+ Radioactive Compound ADME & PK
+ Mass Balance
+ Routes of Excretion
+ Metabolic Identification
+ Preclinical DMPK
Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA
+ 44,500 Square-Foot Facility
+ 30+ Years of Operational History providing DMPK/ADME developmental studies to human pharma, animal health and agrochemical sectors
+ Discovery to IND-Enabling Service
+ Definitive in vitro & in vivo ADME
+ Metabolite Profiling & Identification
+ Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA)
+ Mass Balance & Bile Duct Cannulated Studies
+ Agrochemical Biotransformation and E-Fate Studies
+ Animal Health Biotransformation Studies

Track Record of Success

The DMPK service has secured a diverse client base comprising nearly all big pharma companies, and over 300 small- to mid-sized biopharma, virtual pharma, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions around the world. DMPK is also integrated within the various other services at the Laboratory Testing Division, which affords us the ability to handle your project with unprecedented efficiency, maintaining industry-leading turnaround times to accelerate your discovery and development efforts.
Global Clients
in vivo Studies per Year
in vitro Studies per Year
IND Programs in One Year

Operations & Compliance

To mitigate risk for our clients and ensure universal health and safety across our laboratories, the DMPK unit operates in accordance with global regulatory guidelines, and is fully accredited by AAALAC. Our scientific staff members have been recruited from accredited organizations and institutions, and have each undergone rigorous training to ensure organizational alignment of WuXi’s standards for quality and service. + 400+ Employees
+ 200+ Employees with PhDs / MS Degrees
+ Fully Accredited with AAALAC
+ Compliant with NMPA, FDA, EPA, USDA, DEA Regulations
+ OLAW Assurance to Conduct Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Studies

Bioanalytical Services


Toxicology Services


Analytical Services