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Agrochemical Services (EPA and OECD)

WuXi AppTec LTD-DMPK New Jersey offers extensive support to clients in the Agrochemical industry with experience gained from over 30 years of conducting in-depth nature of residue studies in various crops, plants, and animals in a GLP-compliant facility. We have established reliable partners for the in-life portion of the studies, meanwhile, we have a strong analytical team supporting metabolite radio-profiling and characterization/identification. + Field and greenhouse 14C plant metabolism studies
+ Confined Rotational Crop Studies
+ Laying hens and lactating goat metabolism
+ Metabolite characterization and identification in all crop/animal matrices

Animal Health Services (FDA CVM)

WuXi AppTec LTD-DMPK New Jersey offers extensive experience gained from many years of conducting in-depth quantitative residue and metabolism studies on food-producing and companion animals as part of worldwide registration and re-registration of veterinary products. Our expertise in identifying metabolites from tissues and excreta and defining metabolic pathways allows for studies ranging from preliminary investigations of bioaccumulation and excretion to determination of rates, extent and mechanism of absorption, metabolism and elimination. We have established reliable partners for the in-life portion of the studies. + Metabolism (metabolite profiling and characterization/identification)
+ Tissue residue depletion (radioactive & non-radioactive)
+ Mass balance/excretion
+ Development and validation of regulatory methods (determinative & confirmatory procedures)
+ Experienced with Inter-laboratory Validation (ILV) programs for regulatory methods

Analytical Services


Bioanalytical Services


DMPK Services


Toxicology Services