Chemistry Optimization

We consistently make effort in chemistry enabling and optimization to enable our customers to access novel chemical space, improve the research efficiency and lower the research cost. Depend on different research stage, we design and investigate the entire synthetic route, conduct reaction optimization, and spend time in detail process development. Our goals are:
  • Improve overall synthetic efficiency
  • Enable challenging chemistry
  • Improve reaction yield
  • Simplify the process and reduce the workload
  • Lower the cost
  • Minimize waste production
  • Keep the optimal balance between the time and cost spent in  material delivery and process development


Route Scouting

  Evaluate the entire chemistry strategy of the certain project or synthetic route of the certain target molecule, propose and investigate alternative chemistry to achieve the better synthetic output.

Process Optimization

Based on the existing synthetic route, leverage the reaction condition screening and other synthetic platforms, quickly optimize the reaction conditions and process procedures to achieve the more efficient and practical compound production.

API Process Development

Focusing on the CMC portion of IND filing, we provide the comprehensive studies on API process development and optimization for new drug or generic drug substance, which include: