Chemical Synthesis

Compound synthesis is the major service we have been providing to our customers. Over 1500 synthetic chemists are working on the synthesis of the reference compounds, intermediates, final target compounds and drug substances from mg to kg scale (including GLP quality) on daily basis. With the outstanding capabilities in route design, reaction optimization, problem solving and experimental skill, our chemists demonstrated proven ability to provide high quality services in an industry leading success rate and turn around cycle time..  

Custom Synthesis and Rapid scale-up:

  • 18 Years of experience in the custom synthesis of all kinds of chemical matters
  • Delivered >25,000 compounds each year with >95% on time delivery rate for known compounds and >90% for unknown compounds
  • Full capability in mg to kg scale synthetic research and production
  • A dedicated group of experts in route design and trouble shooting in organic synthesis
  • Fully flexible model from fit for purpose rapid material delivery to comprehensive process research and development for large scale production
  • Quick turnaround time supported by analytical, purification, WuXi catalog as well as logistic department

Library Design and Synthesis:

  • Rich experience in high-quality services on combinatorial chemistry and small molecule library design and synthesis, with more than 3 million compounds delivered so far, providing fast and comprehensive research support in drug discovery and agro / crop science projects worldwide
  • Offering world class service in design and synthesis of all library types at competitive price, such as parallel medicinal chemistry library, library enrichment project, focused / targeted library and virtual library
  • Streamlined process with high efficiency to accelerate library production. As quick as 7 calendar days from project initiation to whole library delivery
  • Exceeding client’s expectation on product quality by strict and multi-level quality control procedures. Each compound is checked by LCMS and/or 1H NMR before delivery
  • Heavy investment to build up in house reaction condition screening platform to speed up problem solving and increase success rate
    Applying cutting-edge chemistry methodologies such as photoredox chemistry to library synthesis. Finalized several photoredox libraries with up to 100% success rate
  • Over 25,000 reagents and 8,000 unique scaffolds / building blocks in stock to facilitate library design with novelty and diversity, and expedite library production with material readiness for bench chemists within 24 hours


  • Providing both FTE and FFS services in peptide chemistry
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with peptide chemistry expertise
  • Strong expertise in linear & cyclic peptide, peptide mimics synthesis, peptide library synthesis, peptide modification (staple peptides, ADCs, glycol peptides, thioamide peptide, etc.), ultra-pure peptide synthesis and kg scale peptide scale up
  • Highly experienced in solid phase and solution phase synthetic technologies in the syntheses of peptide mimics and other complex organic molecules
  • A variety of automatic synthetic and analytical equipment for mg to kg scale production
  • Dedicated team for novel unnatural amino acid synthesis
  • Specialized in synthesizing peptides and peptide-organic molecular conjugates as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative drug leads for different research purposes

Nucleoside, Phosphorus & Carbohydrate Chemistry:

  • Dedicated team with more than 120 chemists
  • Running 200+ Nucleoside programs per year, including custom synthesis, route development, and kg scale non-GMP production.
  • Strong expertise in modification of Nucleoside (such as: N or C-base, 7’-deaza modification, 7’-alkyl modification, Carboncycle nucleoside); Phosphamidite (such as: phosphamidite, Thiophosphamidite, 2’-OTBS-3’-phosphamidite, 3’-OTBS-2’-phosphamidite); CDN compounds; Oligosaccharide; NMP; NDP; NTP; NTP-biotin; Nucleoside Polyphosphate; and Fluorescent NTP etc.
  • Experienced in oligonucleoside synthesis both in solid and solution phases in hundred gram scale

Isotope labeling chemistry:

  • Strong experience in non-radioactive isotopic labeling chemistry which 2H, 13C and 15N
  • Good combination of WuXi’s rich chemistry experience with isotope labeling chemistry
  • Service includes custom synthesis of stable isotope labeled API and small molecule inventory of isotope labeled starting materials and intermediates
  • Offering radio-active 14C-isotopic labeling service in Shanghai
  • Accomplished more than 100 stable isotopic labeled projects in the past two years

Impurity & metabolite:

  • Provides one-stop shop services of impurity / metabolite isolation, identification, synthesis and analytic release
  • Delivered 500+ impurities of new launched drugs and phase I-III clinic candidates
  • Delivered 500+ impurities of generic drugs for local pharmaceutical companies
  • Plan to prepare 20000+ impurities of generic drugs in future
  • Highly experienced in isomer isolation and formation control, metabolite synthesis, instable impurity synthesis and API degradation
  • Dedicated team with 50+ synthetic chemists in the impurity synthesis and 50+ analytical chemists in impurity isolation and GMP/non-GMP analysis