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Comparative Ophthalmology Director or above_TOX

Responsibilities • Oversee the comparative ophthalmology program to ensure study needs are met.
• Provide regular didactic and technical training to improve staff proficiency in comparative ophthalmology and ocular toxicology.
• Perform ocular examinations on all animal species before and throughout preclinical studies as required by study protocol as required.
• Perform ophthalmic procedures such as ocular and intraocular dosing, injections, surgery, photography, and any specialty procedures associated with model creation and study conduct as required.
• Function as Contributing Scientist on animal studies and generate reports.
• Provide professional expertise, communicating with Study Directors and Clients.
• Assist the veterinary staff with managing ocular clinical cases and recommends treatment as needed.
• On an as needed basis, develop training material and implement new techniques and procedures associated to ocular studies as part of Research and Development within the department.
• Other duties as assigned
  Basic Qualifications: • Master’s or Doctorate’s degree in comparative medicine, ophthalmology or equivalent area; Board-Certification in specialty field is desirable;
• Experience in CRO or pharmaceutical laboratory working with a variety of animal models pertaining to ocular pharmacology/toxicology;
• Good understanding of quality systems and GLP;
• Ability to make clinical judgments and offer scientific input in preclinical studies with ocular components;
• Strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
  Any applications, pls contact: lu_lijun@wuxiapptec.com; global_talent@wuxiapptec.com