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Principle Scientist and above of Enzymology

Responsibilities • This person is expected to have deep understanding of enzymology, to take responsibilities in developing biochemical and cellular assays and providing in vitro screening support. The related activities may include, but not limit, designing, validating, executing and troubleshooting experiments, coordinating and leading research project and actively handling project transfer from US lab. This individual should have deep understand of enzymology and a track record of biochemical assay development.  Kills in communication, scientific problem solving, experimental design, execution and study report writing are essential.  Experience in high-throughput screening and hit & lead discovery is desirable   Basic Qualifications: • PhD degree in Enzymology  More than 3 years of relevant working experience
• A thorough understanding of enzymology
• An ability and hands-on experience in developing, validating and executing plate-based and biochemical assays, both kinetic and binding.
• An ability to integrate appropriate automated devices to improve assay throughput and robustness
• An ability to independently generate precise, reliable data and skillfully analyze and interpret it
• Experience in high-throughput screening and SAR assay support is a strong plus
• Good written and oral communication skill in both English and Chinese
  Any applications, pls contact: cui_yining@wuxiapptec.com;global_talent@wuxiapptec.com